“Always And Forever...”

She was born with a wild heart, big and innocent.
She takes to her imagination to escape the
ordinary. She is passionate, finding the magical in
everything she does. She believes in fairytales
and happily ever after.
Her curious heart is her guide, always leading her
forward to brave new worlds. She might stumble
but never looks back for the promise of new
adventures to come.
Her strength is the shape of her heart, she knows it
will always and forever be curious, passionate,

adventurous, imaginative, magical and wild.
This collection is dedicated to the Heart.
Open yours to find all the wonders that lie within.


My Heart Necklace in Malachite is made of 18k gold and also available in other semi-precious stones. A necklace you can wear in open and closed heart.

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My Heart Earrings in Coral is made of 18k gold and outlined in diamonds.

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My Heart Ring in Lapis lazuli in 18k gold. Also available in other semi-precious stones.

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Dainty My Heart Bangle in 18k gold and outlined in diamonds that you can stack with other semi-precious stone colors or other Charmaleena bracelet pieces. Available in rose, yellow and white gold.

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