My World Earrings, Grey Mother of Pearl

The wonder and the mystery of your world; from heavenly stars sparkling like pure diamonds, to endless deep blue oceans teeming with tranquility, to shifting desert dunes spreading infinitely to the horizon like fine silk.
The majesty of our world inspires awe and wonder. As you can explore its beauty with all its diversity you are struck by the serenity of its harmony, balance, and spirit.
Charmaleena invites you to embark on a journey of exploration and adventure. To venture out into your world and wonder with no limits.
As you bravely open your heart to seek out the beauty of your world, your courage will lead you to priceless treasure of all, the love within.


6,900 SAR *excluding tax


Available in 18k  white, rose and yellow gold with diamonds.

Grey Mother of Pearl Earring/Framed White diamonds/Yellow gold ( Wgt G. 4.79 / Dia Ct. 0.15 )



6,900.00 SAR