salam – small
salam – green aventurine (on a model)
salam – wmop (on a model)
salam – green aventurine
salam wmop green
salam – wmop (size)
salam – green aventurine (size)

AL Salam Necklace, Outlined In Diamonds, Aventurine or White Mother of Pearl

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ر.س5,290.00 (INCL VAT)

Count your blessings and reconnect to peace…


This is a year of reflection, for us to think and be grateful for the many blessings that we have. This is a year where we can find peace by spiritually and mentally reconnecting with God and ourselves. It is in times like this that we discover that we are truly blessed.


These pieces from our “Salam” collection will remind you not to forget to count your blessings and also serve as a reminder of how Prophet (PBUH)’s spirit is always amongst us. Out of the 99 names, I chose “As-Salam”, for it is only God that grants us tranquility in our hearts.


Remember to count your blessings. May God fill your heart with peace and light. Ameen.


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