We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty,
charm and adventure. There is no end to the life
that we can have if we only seek it with our eyes
open. Keep moving forward and only look back
to see how far in life you have come.
Open your eyes to see magic, beauty, love,
peace, dreams and look beyond what you see! My eyes necklaces that you can flip and wear in two ways. An earring you can fashionably wear together or individually. Made of 18k gold, diamonds and other semi-precious stones.

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Drawing its inspiration from the strength and
beauty of nature. The Edges of Nature collection
reflect the grace, strength, and resilience of the
palm tree. Grounded with strong roots, it is forever
growing, reaching, and flourishing as it rises from
the desert’s golden sands. As we seek to find our
way and thrive on our own journey, we must always
dare to follow our dreams and reach new heights. A jewellery necklace piece that can be worn together or individually. Available in rose, yellow and white 18k gold.  A Special Edition Edges of Nature earring in tsavorite that can be worn in two ways. Flip and turn to the change colour. Also available in sapphires and rubies.

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Let’s fly away from the boundaries of the earth up to
the canvas of the sky above the clouds. Where
the shooting stars and moonbeams dance.
Floating into the light of a new days sun. You are
the artist of my dreams. Let my love shine through you. A two in one jewellery piece made of 18k gold and semi-precious stones. A piece of jewellery that can be worn day or night.

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The wonder and the mystery of your world; from
heavenly stars sparkling like pure diamonds, to
endless deep blue oceans teeming with
tranquillity, to shifting desert dunes spreading
infinitely to the horizon like fine silk.
The majesty of our world inspires awe and wonder.
As you can explore its beauty with all its diversity
you are struck by the serenity of its harmony,
balance, and spirit. My World necklaces is a two in one piece that you can wear in two ways. Flip and wear it in another way. Available in rose, yellow and white gold and other semi-precious stones.

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It was inspired by the limitless sky, life’s endless
possibilities and the imaginative free-spirited
soul who dares to follow her dreams. Wear
your wings as a reminder to make your own
destiny and to stay true to who you are. Freedom necklaces that you can wear as a necklace and unclip to wear as an earring are made of 18k gold and diamonds. Also available in rose, and white gold.

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Inspired by the city of lights and love, where lovers
lose their way, only to find themselves once more,
the key to my heart collection symbolizes the
world of endless possibilities you find when you
unlock your heart. Allow yourself to inspire, be
inspired, love, and be loved. Key To My Heart Necklace in Tsavorite is a jewellery piece that can be worn together or individually. Available in rose, yellow, white 18k gold and black rhodium. Also available in sapphires, black onyx and rubies.

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A celebration of history and culture. Inspired by
an iconic symbol of strength and courage, this
strong yet delicate design is a tribute to
everyone. The Swords of Love collection turn
swords into the power of love. Strong positive
expression of designs to remind yourself that
nothing is stronger, braver or purer than love. Swords of Love necklaces that can be worn as a necklace and be uncliped to be worn as earrings. Made of 18k gold and diamonds. Also available in rose, white and black rhodium.

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Her strength is the shape of her heart, she knows it
will always and forever be curious, passionate,
adventurous, imaginative, magical and wild.
This collection is dedicated to the Heart.
Open yours to find all the wonders that lie within. My Heart Necklace in Malachite is made of 18k gold and also available in other semi-precious stones. A necklace you can wear in opened and closed heart.

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